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Considering his achievements and current position, localPatron has obviously always had a genuine interest in music, and pioneering his true passions for the latter. During the early nineties André and his friends never found an environment focusing on the musical genres they were dedicated to, Acid Jazz, Breakbeat and related stuff. Hence, they founded their own nightspot and record shop in 1994-5, namely Jazid Club and Jazid Record shop.

Several local DJs including Espen Horne aka Bobby Hughes Experience, Tee Bee, Prince Thomas and localPatron himself played the music they loved, and guests like Pressure Drop, Snowboy, Laurent Garnier, Grooverider, Derrick Carter and Recloose popped in from time to time. Live jazz acts also made people sweat in the club every week like Bugge Wesseltoft. Element and Nils Petter Molvær. Soon the Jazid Family grew out of their tiny venue, and moved into a larger location a couple of blocks down the road in 97.

After a couple of good years running the record shop, André decided to direct his focus to concentrate on production and pushing local talent besides running the club. The label, Jazid Collective, was established in 1999, and around this time André met up with Hans Peter Lindstrøm aka slowSupreme. He set up a studio with a PC, samplers, synths and other equipment, and got into production cooperating with Dennis Jr, Lindstrøm and others.

Today localPatron is managing the label, & DJing in various clubs around the good vibe zones. Genre-wise localPatron is very versatile, with a strong passion for everything from obscure jazz to classic house tracks. He is also finishing his bachelor in finance journalism and work as a freelance journalist in Oslo. If you want him to write for your magazine or any other media regarding "whats going on in Oslo" feel free to send an
e-mail to

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