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35 year old localPatron aka André Utvik has long since established himself as a key player on the Norwegian club circuit. Born and raised in the northern city of Brønnøysund, Norway's major centre for data registration of commercial businesses, localPatron soon emerged as the local youth club's favourite disk jockey at the age of 11 despite having only one deck to operate. Since then, he has not only advanced to two decks and production, but was also the man behind Jazid Club (1995-2002) and NOW running the Jazid Collective label in Oslo.

Moving from Brønnøysund to Oslo already in his mid teens to attend college in the capitol, he soon became involved in setting up and promoting student parties and events. André and his fellow college friends were the first ones to introduce house & club happenings to the Norwegian scene, and they rapidly progressed from setting up college events to warehouse parties in the late eighties. FUN for Oslo & FUN for André.
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