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This is where it all started. After the move of venue three years ago maintaining the original Jazid Family-principles; ethics, integrity, loyalty, commitment and sincerity, the Jazid Club was an internationally renowned club scene staging everything from local jazz bands to banging techno jocks via Latinaires such as Snowboy and the Latin Section. The foundation of the club work was to always maintain a positive environment with sensible bar and admission prices, allowing everyone to partake in creating the Jazid Family vibes regardless of ethnic and social backgrounds, age or gender. Oslo and we needed it badly! The capacity of the club was 300-400 people, with a 60/40 female/male ratio.
The Collective was founded in year 1999 to continue the breeding ground function of the club and to fulfill the Jazid Family's aspiration to develop local talent. The label is dedicated to release music from artists based in Oslo, Norway, and later other Scandinavian countries. The Jazid Collective has no specific direction in terms of style or image. Quality is the issue. The current artists are slowSupreme, localPatron, Dennis Jr, slow&local and some work from Fantasista & Prins Thomas.

the jazid family is about ethics, integrity, loyalty, commitment and sincerity.
music brings us together and has no colour or nationality.

- Jazid Family, September 2003.

(Commercially unmolested since August 1995)
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